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Zamo - The adaptable laser measure

Zamo – The adaptable laser measure
Zamo. The adaptable laser measure.
Flexible adaptable, quick and easy – that’s the way to measure.
Zamo – Laser measurement tool with tape adapter, wheel adapter and line adapter

The new Zamo - The first laser measure with adapters for unlimited measurement versatility.

Equipped with state-of-the-art laser technology, the Zamo laser measure delivers results with maximum precision and reliability. The new interface integrates tape, wheel and line adapters for a variety of uses. Now you can measure even more –distances, free-standing objects, arched surfaces, fabrics and areas. It is also ideal for aligning objects on a wall, both horizontally and vertically.

Three adapters for more versatility.

Zamo Tape Adapter – Accurate measurement of short distances and objects

Tape Adapter – Precise measurement of short distances and free-standing objects.

Easily and accurately measure distances and circumferences up to 1.50 m. The Tape Adapter is especially useful in determining the dimensions of free-standing objects, picture frames and furniture.
Zamo Wheel Adapter – Fast and easy measurement of curves and distances

Wheel Adapter – Fast and easy measurement of curves and distances.

Measuring curved and uneven surfaces has never been so easy. The Wheel Adapter helps you quickly gauge distances up to 20 m, such as distances on a wall or the necessary length of cables and fabrics.
Zamo Line Adapter – Quick alignment of objects

Line Adapter – Quick alignment of objects.

This attachment is ideal for horizontally and vertically aligning objects, such as pictures or shelves. This way, you can spare yourself the usual work with the spirit level when completing your next design project.

Further Applications

Zamo - Measure areas (m²)

Measure areas (m²)

Zamo – Measurement of curves with Wheel Adapter

Measurement of curves with Wheel Adapter

Zamo – Measurement of round objects with Tape Adapter

Measurement of round objects with Tape Adapter

Zamo – Horizontal and vertical alignment of objects

Alignment of objects with Line Adapter

Zamo – Precise, easy and fun to use

Precise, easy and fun to use.

  • Comes with interface for adapters that can be used to extend the measurement applications
  • Easy calculation of square meters with a simple double click
  • Fun to use thanks to one-button design, optimized ergonomics and compact size.
  • Precise laser technology for measurements up to 20 m
  • Precise measuring results with an accuracy within ±3 mm
  • Storage of the last measured value

Available Versions

Zamo – Basic Version

Basic Version

The Zamo is a digital measurement tool using laser technology. It offers easy and fast metering of interior spaces and distances – especially practical in assessing ceiling height and wall area.

Zamo – Set Version

Set Version

The modular Zamo Set contains the laser measure tool plus three adapters. Enjoy increased flexibility in metering free-standing objects, uneven surfaces, and in aligning objects on a wall.


Zamo – Tape Adapter

Tape Adapter

Zamo – Wheel Adapter

Wheel Adapter

Zamo – Line Apdater

Line Adapter

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